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Wide Slip On Mesh Athletic Trainers

Wide Slip On Mesh Athletic Trainers

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Bothered by Discomfort in Your Feet?

The World's Most Comfy Sneakers Have Arrived!

 The Wide Slip On Mesh Athletic Trainer is a shoe that enhances your physical well-being without sacrificing style and comfort. These sneakers are appropriate for all of your activities including work, time at home, athletics and time out with friends. You'll love the way your feet feel when you're wearing these!

Best of all, they're adjustable to give you the perfect fit, even if you're dealing with a temporary injury or foot condition.

  • ADJUSTABLE TONGUE - get the perfect fit for each foot
  • BREATHABLE STRETCH MESH - give your feet room and comfort without rubbing 
  • SLIP-RESISTANT OUTSOLE - move with confidence
  • MEMORY FOAM INSOLE - keep your feet comfortable all day long

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No need to tie your shoelaces


Traditional sneakers that require shoelace tying are not always comfortable and can squeeze your feet. The slip on trainers have a wide toe box that you can gently tighten to give you a perfect fit. Put an end to unpleasant fitting shoes and give each foot exactly what it needs.

Cool and Comfortable


Even on the hottest days of the year, the Wide Slip-On Mesh Athletic Trainers keep your feet comfortable thanks to their full air mesh construction, a shell that is totally permeable. The mesh and ventilation holes in the insole provide fast ventilation, preventing sweaty feet. 

All your feet need is the comfort and style of the Wide Slip On Mesh Athletic Trainers

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