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Wide Slip On Mesh Athletic Trainers

Wide Slip On Mesh Athletic Trainers

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Our mesh athletic trainers are wide-fitting shoes designed to be easy to put on and wear, even if you are dealing with bunions or swollen feet. This breathable shoe has three layers, including a stretchable mesh outer layer, to help keep your foot cool and dry. The supportive footbed helps fight back the aches of standing or walking all day so you can enjoy your time off more! They are available in 7 colours.



Wide-fitting Shoes for Bunions


  • Durable: you can wear these wide-fitting shoes all day. The synthetic fabric upper ensures your feet stay cool and dry, while the high-quality synthetic sole provides ample protection all day.
  • Helps Reduce Pain from Bunions: These mesh trainers provide comfort for those who have bunions. The cushioning is thicker and provides extra padding to those who need it which helps relieve the pain. Wide-fitting shoes for bunions are the perfect shoe to wear if you have bunions or foot pain. They can help relieve your pain without being too tight or squeezing your toes together.
  • Instant relief from foot pain: The cushioning used is very soft and provides additional padding for those who need it. It also has arch support that adjusts to your foot shape to relieve any pressure or discomfort that may be occurring in your foot.

  • The shoes provide enough cushion for your feet: these trainers help with foot pain and provide cushioning for those with foot sensitivity issues, such as plantar fasciitis. The insert has ventilation holes that reduce the amount of sweat and moisture your feet experience while wearing the shoes.
  • Lightweight shoes: These wide-fitting shoes for bunions are perfect for those who want to be able to wear the shoes for various activities. The trainers are designed with lightweight soles which provide ample protection for your feet and rubber traction that helps prevent slipping.
  • The slip-resistant heel: The rubber heel provides additional stability when you're on your feet all day. It also makes you feel more confident when it comes to the slip-resistant capability of these sneakers.


    ElenaChic Trainers can help with your problem

    • Versatile use: This shoe has versatility which makes them useful in many different scenarios. You can wear Elenachic orthopedic trainers for outdoor and indoor activities, sports, school, walking, tennis, and seasonal playtime. These shoes are made for women who need to be on their feet all day Elenachic mesh orthopedic trainers are made with three layers include a stretchable mesh outer layer and the orthopedic insole helps with foot pain.
    • No more sweaty feet again: thanks to the great ventilation. The mesh fabric covers the entire upper to make sure your foot breathes all day! You'll love how light and breathable they are. You get support without any of that awful stiffness or bulkiness that can ruin your day.
    • Insoles with ventilation holes: Insole with ventilation holes is a type of arch support that has small mesh openings to allow your feet to breathe. they're better than other types of arch supports because the holes in the insert allow air to flow through, prevent sweating, and reduce odor. If you have foot pain or discomfort from plantar fasciitis, high arches, poor circulation, age-related arthritis, or other causes, you might want to consider these orthopedic trainers. The ventilation will help keep your feet from becoming too hot.


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